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Uued judogi reeglid

Näited leiate siit.
Dear colleagues,
From April 1st 2016 a slightly changed version of the EJU Judogi Rules will come into force (as already announced in the previous version).
You find the updated EJU Judogi Rules attached as well as on EJU website (
The change only affects the marketing space on the Judogi and to avoid any misunderdstandings I want to underline the following
already in this email text:
Of course, Judogi from ALL IJF approved Suppliers can be used in all EJU events!
The new restricition just says that only EJU Suppliers can have their logo on the Marketing space of the Judogi (shoulder stripe, upper arm, right chest).
All other Judogi suppliers can only have the obligatory manufacturer logos (one on jacket, one on trousers, each not bigger than 20cm² – see IJF SOR chap. C.2).
Currently, the following Judogi suppliers of IJF approved Judogis are EJU suppliers:
Greenhill, SFAM Noris, Hiku, Danrho, Adidas, Kappa, Fighting Films
The current list of EJU Suppliers can be always found here:
In case of additions, we will inform you immediately.
If there is more than one logo on the jacket of Judogis from Non-EJU Suppliers or if the logo is bigger than 20cm², it must be removed or covered.
In case of further questions, do not hesitate to contact EJU Head Office or the Marketing Directors Alexander Nagibin or Eddy Koaz.
Best regards,
Martin Poiger